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Pursuit Placement is a Canadian Recruitment Agency that delivers the best in recruitment and talent attraction for its clients.
Begin your pursuit for talent…

When looking for talented people, you have to stand out from the rest of the market. You also need to know what you’re looking for and have a way to find it. That’s where we come in…

We are recruitment and talent acquisition experts that can help find the people that fit your company. More importantly, we broadcast that information to the active and the passive job seekers. We attract people to your company, your culture and your vision.

We save you time, help find better people and assist you to integrate those people faster, and you have better hires as a result. A bad hire can cost your company thousands of dollars. Our services and programs pay for themselves by adding better people that give you a faster return on your hiring dollar and stay with you longer as well.

We act as a business partner and as an ambassador for your business, and can address any issues or reservations that a candidate may have about your business.

We are always sourcing and networking to find the hidden talent pools of candidates that are the source of your next top-performer or problem-solver.

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